SADIFA (Sunnah Remedies

SADIFA (Sunnah Remedies
SADIFA™ Sunnah Remedies is a collection of Prophetic Traditions and a way to good health through the medicines mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. These traditions have existed for more than 1400 years, and serve as guidance for many Muslims, who follow his traditions and adhere to his advice. All products of SADIFA Sunnah Remedies are 100% Halal Certified. SADIFA™ - Sunnah Remedies all products are based on of Prophetic medicine to new scientific research. This intersection between the Prophetic knowledge base matched with the learning from scientific research surely contributes to make the SADIFA™ - Sunnah Remedies totally effective and unique. Our mission at SADIFA™ (Sunnah Remedies) is approach to Medical Care whose basic paradigms, concepts, values and procedures conforms to or do not contradict the Quran and Sunnah. Our aim is to revive remedies from the Authentic Sunnah of the Messenger ﷺ (Prophetic Medicine, Prophetic Healing, Tibb An-Nabawi) by following the Quran and Sunnah. Islam is a complete and perfect way of life that combines the physical and spiritual health of the mankind, whoever studies its teachings can very clearly understand this fact. All of its teachings are natural. It keeps a clear vision about all the matters of a human life, and gives perfect directions to make it healthy, physically and spiritually. The prophet of Islam ﷺ proved this fact in his life and set broad guidelines for the use of natural remedies, like the black seed or nigella sativa, honey, mushroom, olive oil, figs, dry grapes etc. His teachings guides us to these facts۔ Some of the important narrations of the Allah’s Messenger ﷺ related to sickness are narrated in Sahih Muslim: from the hadees of Abu al Zubair and from Jabir bin Abdullah it relates as follows:“for every sickness that Allah created, He also created a remedy, and when the remedy to the disease is found the patient is cured by permission of Allah SWT.” We produce our products in small batches with careful attention to detail and quality. Al-Humdullilah, our product line has been produced through the hard work and research of dedicated people. We have created our line of products using only the highest quality ingredients. By using the best ingredients and having strict quality control, you can stand behind these items 100%. We using and add only the finest, purest ingredients to create a synergy that truly works to promote health and healing. We are clearly focused on providing our consumers with the best in Sunnah therapies. We believe that the pursuit for a healthy lifestyle and natural wellness should not be compromised.

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